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The object of the game is to score points by having all of your buttons farther away from another button. If all your buttons are hovering close to one another, you will lose points. If your buttons are far apart you will gain points. As the game progresses, your buttons have to be farther apart to score the same points. Therefore, you want to complete each level as quickly as possible.

Be sure to read this entire page, especially the strategy portion.

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Server 2003, Windows Vista.
350 Mhz or better, 900Mhz for optimal play
128 MB of RAM for optimal play, 64MB will work, but may play slower
20 MB Hard drive space free
1024 X 768 monitor resolution or higher, failure to have this resolution will result in part of the playing field set off the screen.
Audio enabled

When the game starts, you will see seven buttons on the screen. Start by Boinking a button.

To Boink a button, click on that button. You will then have four options to move. Move your button in a direction that places it farther away from other buttons. Once you have Boinked a button it will not move for a certain number of turns. The number of turns that button is frozen will be determined by the difficulty of the game. Each button that has been boinked and frozen will have the number of moves that the button is frozen shown on the button. As the levels advance the number a turns a button freezes decreases. In advanced levels, or at higher difficulty, you may not be able to freeze your buttons AT ALL .

The buttons will DANCE around the screen at a set rate. This rate at which the buttons dance increases with each level. The rate will also be quicker at higher levels. Be carefully not to wait to long to start each level as you will loose points quickly, especially in the higher level!

Each level is more difficult to achieve the goal.
Level 1 = 15,000 points
Level 2 = 20,000 points
Level 3 = 25,000 points
and so on,
The game is lost if you have less than -20,000 points

You will make points based on how many moves you make before achieving the goal of a level. The fewer moves that you make, the more points you will make in your final score.


Not only is each level a little more difficult to achieve the goal, but in addition, your boinks become less effective as the game goes on. At very high levels, your Boinks may have no effect at all! Be patient and position your pieces very carefully!

Selecting Exit will Exit the game
Selecting Start Over will restart the game in the start position and at zero moves
Selecting Rules, opens this page
Selecting Visit Two Brothers On The Web, goes to the Two Brothers Software home page
Set Game Difficulty, sets the game mode to very easy, easy, normal, hard, or difficult.
You may only select normal, unless you have registered this game

High Scores
High scores will be maintained during play. In the registered version high scores will be saved on disk for each of the five levels of play. If your version is not registered, the high scores will reset every time the game is started.

This is the most important part of this page to read. You will need a couple of hints to figure out how to win the game. Score is derived by measuring the distance between each button and adding the distance up. So if you have all of your buttons close you will lose points. Of course distance is measure both on the x-axis and y-axis. Lining up your buttons on the top and the bottom will not make many points for you. Another important strategy to remember is to get your buttons farther apart early in the game. This will generate points early in the game, then you can worry about making the rest of the points as the game progresses.

Sample Strategies

1. Corners: Try to keep four of your pieces in the far corners as much as possible. This will create the maximum distance for four of your pieces

2. Up and Down: Keep 3 or 4 of your pieces up and the rest as far down as possible. Try to space out your pieces on the top and bottom.

3. Right and Left: Keep 3 or 4 of your pieces to the left and the rest as far to the right as possible. Try to space out your pieces along the sides as much as possible.

Your best strategy will probably be a combination of these above, try and see what you think.

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